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Note: Some of these websites may have been altered or updated since initial launch.

Support AARP Climate Change

Support AARP Climate Action

Sandy Richard Wellness website

Sandy Richards Wellness

Celia Berk website

Celia Berk

Scott Lehrer Sound Design website

Scott Lehrer Sound Design

Thee Mr. E. Band

Josh & Caroline’s Wedding

Caregiver Warrior

Atlantic Leadership Group website

Atlantic Leadership Group

Families for Borderline Personality Disorder Research website

Families for BPD Research

Pat Egan Lacrosse consulting website

Pat Egan Lacrosse

Northern Faces Band

Roosevelt Chiropractic

Head North/Microwave EP

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Web Design, Digital Strategy, Online Marketing

Josh Okun

Josh Okun

Web Design & Digital Strategy Expert

Meet Josh Okun, the creative mind behind JDO Digital. With over a decade of experience in web design & digital marketing strategy, Josh has helped numerous businesses achieve online success.

As the Digital Director at a prominent nonprofit in New York City, Josh develops comprehensive digital strategies that deliver results. From web design to social media and SEO, his expertise covers all aspects of the digital landscape.

Josh's accomplishments include award-winning website redesigns, innovative digital fundraising strategies, and significant increases in web traffic and revenue. His passion for his work sets him apart, as he strives to create stunning websites that fulfill their purpose.

Ready to transform your online presence? Contact Josh today to create a website that exceeds your expectations.

Web Design, Digital Strategy, Online Marketing

© 2024 Josh Okun

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